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Programmdetails ~Primark Fashion Trends DE~
Programm online seit: 2018-02-22 16:07:19

Standard: 1,00 € / Lead

Maximale Vergütugswartezeit: 120 Tage
Cookielifetime: 30 Tage


Generierung von Teilnehmern


Lead Verfahren: User Registrierung mit validen Daten. / User Registration with valid data. Type of traffic: Display & Email. Traffic restrictions: No adult, no incent traffic. Non-Valid Leads: Advertiser may chargeback any non-valid leads. This includes, but is not limited to, leads generated by any device, program, or robot, manually created leads with the direct intent to artificially inflate commissions payable to the affiliate, leads with suspicious usernames or email addresses, leads with similar IP-addresses, and IP-addresses from countries other than the country advertised in the offer.

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